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Progress Before People? - Tech Tent

We ask Silicon Valley investor and thinker Om Malik what Amazon's concept shop without cashiers says about the tech industry's attitude towards society. Plus we try the latest app from Blippar, which recognises faces in the street - will it be good for jogging your memory or just creepy? And Jane Wakefield reports on attempts by traditional media to combat online lies masquerading as news. With Mark Ward from the BBC Online tech desk, and special guest Rebecca Sentance, digital marketing blogger
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The World This Week: Michael Hewson on the EU delay in granting market economy status to China

The Chinese markets are still front and centre in economic news, and this week brought the revelation that the European Commission has again postponed the decision on whether to grant market economy status to China. I spoke to Michael Hewson, Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets, about what market economy status would mean for China and why the EU has been so reluctant to make this decision. The interview was broadcast on Share Radio's 'The World This Week' show, presented by Rita Lobo, which loo
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Share Politics: WASPI Petition Gathers Speed

The Women Against State Pension Inequality, or WASPI, movement, recently launched a petition to campaign for fair transitional payments to be made for women who have lost out on thousands of pounds, due to rises in the state pension age which were implemented with little to no notice or time for them to plan. I spoke to Lin Phillips and Doreen Smulders from WASPI last week about the response to the petition and what they hoped to gain from it. The interview was broadcast on Share Politcs, presen
London Blues and Jazz

Audio Slideshow: International Jazz Day at 606 Club

Happy International Jazz Day! Well, for yesterday. As I mentioned in our previous round-up of London’s best jazz for Jazz Appreciation Month, the 606 Club in Imperial Wharf held a special performance last night in honour of International Jazz Day, with a fantastic multi-national line-up. British-Asian bass player Shez Raja led the collective, treating the audience to his signature blend of Indo-jazz and funk. Scintillating on the electric violin was New Zealand violinist Pascal Roggen, while Polish Monika Lidke added gorgeous vocals. Acclaimed Indo-jazz clarinettist Arun Ghosh played some stunning solos, and overall the band performed with an incredible energy that infected the whole club (and had the audience clapping and dancing along by the end). To give you a taste of the amazing performance (though you really had to be there), we’ve put together an audio slideshow with some short clips for your listening pleasure. Now you can celebrate International Jazz Day any time you like!